Accountancy Services

Our accounting service for your Hong Kong Company can offer invaluable assistance to your operations by ensuring that your company remains compliant at all times. We recognize the heavy administrative burden of compliance with overseas tax regulations and can help reduce costs through our accounting services. Outsourcing your accounting work can save payroll costs in time and monetary terms on your own staff, including recruitment and management and office space.
Eyes on China’s accountancy service for Hong Kong companies takes care of updated accounting books for all business transactions and keeping them clean and organised.

Below is a breakdown of all the accounting services we can provide in Hong Kong:

Eyes on China will act as your tax representative for

(1) Filing of Individual, Partnership and Corporate Tax Return
(2) Assisting in replying to the queries of the IRD and dealing in tax field audit and investigation
(3) Assisting in applying for objection, tax payment by instalments and tax refund
(4) Tax planning for individual tax, profits tax and stamp duty (estate duty abolished as of February 11th 2006)

Bookkeeping Services

(1) Prepare monthly or annual book-keeping
(2) Provide professional advice on internal control and accounting systems
(3) Provide assistance to accounting staff
(4) Arrange stocktake (inventory)
(5) Cash flow forecast

Audit Arrangement

Auditing is statutory requirement for a limited liability company to enjoy the privilege of “limited liability”. We can help arrange the work that must be carried out in the most cost-effective and efficient way. Moreover, we aim to deliver value-added services related to streamlining you overall management control.
We provide:

(1) Auditing
(2) Statutory audit of limited company
(3) Provide professional advice relating to auditing and accounting
(4) Provide advice on responsibilities of directors of limited company
(5) Due diligence or special audit

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