Accountancy Services

Eyes on China is pleased to offer fixed fee part-time accounting service for your incorporated Representative Office in China. We recognize the heavy administrative burden of compliance with overseas tax regulations which any Representative Office is subject to. This is why Eyes on China offers cost-reducing accounting services for ROs in China.

Maintenance service for ROs

After officially registering a RO, one is obliged to duly maintain accounting records in accordance with the accounting standards of the PR of China. These accounting records include report taxes in both monthly (for business tax, individual income tax) and quarterly (corporate income tax) basis. Late submissions are penalized and surcharged.
RO must register with the local tax authority for tax reporting method. After negotiation with the local officer, the tax reporting method will be fixed (for instance: the cost plus method).
Eyes on China accounting service assist you in negotiating with your local officer to use the proper tax reporting method for your RO. Our service also includes submitting the tax reports on your behalf.
Our experienced accountants can also advice you on tax planning opportunities that will help mitigate the tax costs of the RO and its staff.

The details of Eyes on China accounting services are set out below:

(1) Update the books in accordance with the Chinese Accounting Standards;
(2) Prepare monthly financial statements for tax filing purpose;
(3) File monthly Business Tax Return and Individual Income Tax Return;
(4) File Corporate Income Tax Return quarterly
(5) Audit of Financial Statements

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