Corporate Legal Services

At Eyes on China, we know what you need to succeed in China. We assist you in setting up your presence in China. We verify the legal validity of your business ideas in the Chinese corporate market. Our senior lawyers provide valuable advice for expansion and optimization of your activities in China.

Business Establishment Services

Eyes on China understands the need for the incorporation of management solutions. With our expertise, experience and professionalism, we take care of establishing your legal presence in China, including: name confirmation, incorporation feasibility report, company articles and appointment letters. Our Business Establishment Services save you both time and resources, ensuring that your WOFE is correctly registered according to all of the latest legislation.

Contract Drafting Services

We analyze, verify, negotiate and draft contracts as to their validity in congruence with Chinese regulations. We are also knowledeable on industry standards, methods of valuation, pricing structures and legal negotiation. Our Business Establishment Services mainly deals with Company Law and Real Estate Law.

Dissolution Services

We assist you in properly dissoluting your legal entity. The need to dissolve a business entity can result from a variety of reasons, including that entity being no longer needed, completing its business dealings, or even never being used for anything. Our Dissolution Services ensure that the entire process is consistent with current Chinese laws and regulations.

Legal Advisory Services

In order to ensure that your business is conducted according to prevailing Chinese law, our senior lawyers are on hand to advise and support you. We investigate the legal validity of your contracts in addition to checking for business licenses, contracts trademakers and other legal documents. In case of dispute, our lawyers will work on your behalf to solve any lawsuits. Our Legal Advisory Services are delivered by senior or junior lawyers depending on your needs.

Legal and Technical Feasibility Research

Our industry experts research the technical and legal reasons for proceeding with your project. Your decision-making process will be based on an exhaustive and in-depth quality study of the real possibilities of your business ideas. Our Legal and Technical Feasibility Research is often requested as the first consulting service before beginning operations in China.