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Foreign-Invested Commercial Enterprise (FICE) Registration Service


A Foreign-Invested Commercial Enterprise is a foreign company, which does not concentrate on production in China but on import and export. A FICE is a Wholly Owned by Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) with import and export rights. Like a WOFE, a FICE could be completely financed by a foreign investment, and a Chinese partner is not required. Exceptions include the production of such items as books, sugar, salt, oil, etc. For these products a Joint Venture with a Chinese partner is required. In general, a FICE has no rights for tax advantages and is taxed like a Chinese invested company. This means tax planning at the pre-incorporation stage must be part of the investment structuring process.

The incorporation procedure of a FICE differs from the incorporation procedure of a WOFE in that a FICE needs a pre-approval by Chinese import and export authorities.


We take care of the registration procedure saving you both time and resources. Typically, a FICE includes registration at 13 different Examination and Approval Departments. We are experienced in all the application requirements, ensuring that your FICE is registered correctly according to all of the PRC’s legislations.