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Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Registration Service


Non Governmental Organizations in China have an institutional presence and structure. The organization is separated from the state; they are neither part of the government nor led by boards of directors with government officials playing leading roles. It is not allowed to distribute material gains to NGO's members, and an NGO is in control of its own policy. Voluntary participation in actual and administrative activities is allowed, and membership is not required. When incorporating a Western concept of an NGO in countries with different economic, political and social conditions, it must be noted that the importance of each of the above mentioned characteristics might vary according to local conditions.

The incorporation procedure of an NGO is similar to the incorporation procedure of an RO except for the pre-approval of the industry-related governmental department, which is necessary for an NGO.


We take care of the registration procedure saving you both time and resources. Typically, establishing one NGO includes registration at 13 different Examination and Approval Departments. We are experienced in all of the application requirements making sure that your NGO is correctly registered according to all of the PRC’s legislations.