Business Establishment Services

Representative Office (RO) Registration Service


The most uncomplicated and cost-effective method of establishing a business presence in China by a foreign company is the Representative Office (RO). A representative office is a business unit, which means it is not a recognized legal person and do not result in direct profits being made by the company. Represented offices are usually set up to do market research, product introduction and promotion, technology exchange and other allowed activities in China. Foreign company are able to establish several representative offices in China.


We take care of the registration procedure saving you both time and resources. Typically, the establishment of an RO includes registration at 13 different Examination and Approval Departments. We are experienced in all the application requirements making sure that your RO is correctly registered according to all of the PRC’s legislations.

Corporation Types

  • RO Accountant Enterprises Registration
  • RO Advertising Company Registration
  • RO Air Transport Enterprise Registration
  • RO Authentication Agency Registration
  • RO Broadcasting and Film Company Registration
  • RO Consulting Firms Registration
  • RO Contracting Enterprise Registration
  • RO Convention and Exhibition Corporation Registration
  • RO Copyright Organisation Registration
  • RO Finance Agency Registration
  • RO Freight enterprise Registration
  • RO Inspection and Appraisal Agency Registration
  • RO Insurance Corporation Registration
  • RO Invested Enterprise Registration
  • RO Manufacturing Enterprise Registration
  • RO Leasing companies Registration
  • RO Logistics Enterprises Registration
  • RO Non-business Economic Organization and For-profit Economic Organization (from countries having no diplomatic relationship with China)
  • RO Operator and International Maritime Transportation Company Registration
  • RO Personnel Agency Registration
  • RO Pharmaceutical Enterprise Registration
  • RO Press and Publishing Organization of Foreign Countries and HK, Macao and Taibei
  • RO Road Transportation Enterprise Registration
  • RO Security Institution Registration
  • RO Training Institution Registration
  • RO Telecommunication Enterprise Registration
  • RO Travel Agency Registration
  • RO Trade Enterprise Registration
  • RO Urban Planning Services Enterprise Registration