Legal Due Diligence Services

Assessing the potential risks to your China investment in order to avoid them is an important part of one’s business plan. As part of a total package based on specific client’s needs or as specified items Eyes on China uses a scientific approach to all legal due diligences items. Our legal due diligence service is provided at all provinces, prefecture, county, township, and village levels.

Due Diligence Items

Our Legal Due Diligence analysis based on China‚Äôs Constitution, China Property Law, China Foreign Investment Law, China Finance Law, their bylaws, local rules and specific regulations. Together with Eyes on China’s financial department Eyes on China provides legal due diligence services on an itemized base and based on specific client’s request:

- legal research of the bureaucratic steps necessary to rent selected land
- building certificates
- total operational costs of the rent
- environmental regulations
- license life span checking
- pre-entry tax advisory
- taxes of owners
- stamp duty tax
- tax incentives
- special incentives
- import/export duties exemptions (if any)
- tariff rebate program for your products
- rules and regulations for foreign investors in specific industry

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