Case Studies

Below is a selection of some of our recent projects:

Establishing a Branch of an Organisation in Beijing

A non-governmental organisation (NGO) focusing on charity for children was looking to open a Chinese division. In this case, Eyes on China assisted the client in establishing a legal entity in China, which consisted of many steps, ranging from an initial legal feasibility report for incorporation and name confirmation to the drafting of company articles and appointment letters and reviewing legal documents. This last stage is vital in the process, as it requires the existence and consistency of all required legal documents.

Managing a Registration of a Commercial Corporation

Eyes on China was asked to incorporate a Greek solar technology components producer and distributor in China as a Foreign-Invested Commercial Enterprise (FICE). For this client, Eyes on China relied on its vast experience in business establishment in order to facilitate this commercial corporation registration. Besides acquiring the business license, the client is required to be approved by the Examination and Approval Department at Beijing Customs and to apply for a license to import and export. All in all, Eyes on China assists the client in all steps necessary to open an office in China, including feasibility studies, document preparation, registration of the company name, a certificate of incorporation approval and a business license.

Searching for a Production Partner for a Dutch NGO

A Dutch NGO contacted Eyes on China in order to find a suitable pharmaceutical producer for merchandising and marketing products. Eyes on China proceeded by utilising the company's established network to complete a feasibility report to suggest several legally-verified partners suitable to the client’s needs. In the following, Eyes on China relied on its core competence of arranging business licenses for the NGO required for a legal partnership with a Chinese producer and all required steps of legal due diligence.

Legal Due Diligence for an SME in the Outdoor Industry

A Dutch SME specialising in tourism activities requested that Eyes on China conduct legal due diligence concerning land rights and land ownership. The client’s intention was to open a camping site for tourists and recreational facilities in the vicinity of the Great Wall of China in Hebei Province. Eyes on China not only conducted the necessary legal due diligence by delivering a detailed in loco report and survey, but also checked the financing and projected the financial feasibility and future profitability. In addition to these services, a future property report was compiled prior to the acquisition strategy, in which all matters concerning future construction at the site were outlined.

Establishing Legal Presence in Hong Kong

A Dutch–based company dealing in matters of international trust services contacted Eyes on China in order to establish their legal entity in Hong Kong. Eyes on China proceeded by arranging all steps required for business registration and legal due diligence as well as the initial account setup, managing the client’s annual accounts administration and bookkeeping services. Once the legal entity was established in Hong Kong, a further step in this project was the CEO’s request to transfer the partners’ individual shares to the company. 

Implementing Payroll Services for a Consulting Company

A recruiting business situated in the centre of the recruitment market employs managerially–trained engineers, who frequently travel to China. However, the company does not have a legal presence in China and, therefore, contacted Eyes on China in order to manage their payroll services on their behalf. Accordingly, Eyes on China implemented the necessary payroll processes in compliance with Chinese law, and is at present a long—term provider of the company’s payroll services in China.

Legal Due Diligence

A German manufacturing firm of light industry equipment asked Eyes on China to provide a legal due diligence on their future business partner.

Opening a representative office for a food processing company

A market-leading company offering potato products asked Eyes on China to facilitate their entrance into the Chinese market. After having understood their long–term plan, Eyes on China advised the company to open a representative office from which the company could start to operate sales and marketing activities in order to later establish a potato processing company in China. The client asked Eyes on China to establish a representative office in Beijing. The incorporation service was delivered on time and efficiently according to client’s request.

Selecting, negotiating with and contracting local partners in the telecommunication industry

A Dutch Telecommunication Corporation contacted us telling us they had plans to outsource the production of mobile phone hand sets. The client requested our partner selection and market research services. The first was offered as consultancy service while the other was in the form of a 60 page report. After the report was delivered and analyzed, the corporation visited the factories in China. Our deputy general manager accompanied the delegation and acted as a consultant to defend the client’s interests and to facilitate the negotiations. Today, the client continues its business relation with the selected local partners.

Researching and interviewing consumers for a multinational liquor company

A multi-national liquor company with headquarters in The Netherlands asked us to conduct market research. The objective was to determine the tastes of Chinese consumers and the local differences of tastes and habits related to alcohol-drinking behaviour. Special attention was focused on one of its brands. Our analysts delivered a thorough investigation of the Chinese market for that specific brand of liqueur. Coupled with our team of marketing research analysts, they tested and measured the results of the research thanks to a specifically chosen representative segment of the society (18—45 years old). The research suggested that that brand could start to be introduced in some provinces such as Guangdong in South China, where the presence of different factors such as local drinking habits and tastes were similar to the conditions in other markets where that brand was already well- established.

Technical consultancy report about mobile devices

A developer of mobile phone devices in The Netherlands commissioned Eyes on China to write a technical consultancy report about mobile devices produced in China. The objective of the report was to analyse from a technical point of view the suppliers and their products in order to establish the best course of action to be taken in China, whether to invest in the joint development of new mobile devices or to import from China the selected mobile devices.

Researching local suppliers of bicycles

A top Dutch distributor of bicycles asked Eyes on China to find a long–list of bicycle suppliers. Eyes on China implemented its own developed search methodology to find high quality producers and summarize their affordability in terms of quality, time delivery and price.


Eyes on China takes clients’ privacy very seriously and adheres to non–disclosure agreements. Any information shared between Eyes on China and the client will remain strictly confidential, including documentation, data, contracts and project names. Naturally, the client name may be omitted from any of Eyes on China’ s publications upon request. If you have any questions concerning this matter or would like to know more about our staff’ s commitment to client confidentiality, please do not hesitate to contact us.