14 May 2008

Eyes on China express condolences to the victims of the earthquake

All the members of Eyes on China's team express their full sorrow and sadness for the calamity that occurred on May the 12th 2008 in Sichuan and neighbouring provinces. The county of Wenchuan in Sichuan being the worst affected. Eyes on China has made a donation to the Beijing Youth Development Foundation and Beijing Donation Center of Project Hope (, a liaison and coordination center of youth charity organizations and social welfare organizations in China. The Foundation is very active in Wenchuan county and reaches directly hundreds of thousands of persons.

The donation will be used to assist children and their families who have been directly touched by the 8° Richter-scale earthquake and the aftershocks.
We again express our pain and compassion to the victims and their families and wish them a full recovery.

The Staff of Eyes on China